Dear Tango

I get in in troubles a lot.  It’s ‘cuz of a game I like to play where people put things down and as soon as they’re not looking, I tiptoe tiptoe, take and run!  Sometimes no one notices, at least not until later, when they try to pick up whatever they had put down and realize it isn’t there.  It’s always funny for a few minutes, watching them try to remember where they put their stuff.  I’ve learned to giggle from a safe place though, ‘cuz when they realize it was me, yep.. troubles!
Sometimes in my heist haste, I make a little noise and get caught red-pawed.. you guessed it.. big troubles!
Please let my people know that if they leave things lying about, they should accept defeat more graciously when they disappear.  I should get applause, not troubles!
Thanks for your help.




Dear Cleptopup,

I had a little Oliver Twist in me in my youth too!  I think we all do.  I no longer feel the need for stealth though; if I want something, I walk right up, look people in the eye and take it.  One of the perks of being a Doberman is that most people, especially newbies, just hand their stuff over.  It is a guilt-free pleasure for me to take total advantage of breed-prejudiced bozos!:)
Your people should realize that this game of yours could be much worse!  I had a foster friend for a while, who not only stole, but immediately ingested absolutely everything.  Mom watched him like a hawk but he was fast and everything he could find went straight down the hatch.  Time and time again, her hand went down his throat (he was a big boy, so she was in up to her elbow), retrieving everything from keys and remotes to hats and sweaters.  Nice dog but not too bright!   The good news was, he paved the way for dogs to come.  My brother, Jax, steals everything but because he doesn’t destroy or ingest things, Mom isn’t fussed by it at all.
If your people can’t learn to see the humour in your game, they can end it by putting you on a leash or drag line.  That way when you grab something, they can catch you without a fur-flying, annoyed human chase.   I’m sorry my friend!  It will suck the fun out of your game but at least you won’t be in trouble all the time. 
Hopefully, you’re people will come up new, fun games for you, to replace the ever popular “snatch and grab”.



Topic: Ask Tango

Posted 24 January 2014, 9:12AM

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