Dear Tango,

I hate the car.  I hate it so much it makes me sick!  I drool, I barf, the works.  I try to tell my people I don’t want to go in it; I run and hide at the first sign that I might have to, but they don’t listen.  They just half lift, half drag me all the way in. and in no time flat (always after a few awkward escape attempts) I am freaked out, panting, frothing, and hurling.  My people are telling me it’s ok... liars!  I am freaked out and barfing; it is not ok!

Please help.  Tell them not to put me in that thing anymore!

Signed,   Car Wreck


Dear Car Wreck,

I can’t tell your people not to put you in the car, that would limit your life too much!  I can give them some ideas on how to help you feel differently about the car though!
My little brother had the same problem as you, drove me nuts!  He even barfed on me!  My first thought was “Let’s leave him at home ” , but Mama gave me that look and I knew she was right, we had to help him instead.  Mama worked and worked with him (little Sod always finds some way to get attention!) and it took a little while, but now he’s not car crazy anymore!  He’s still kind of an ijit when we get to wherever we’re going (Mama says puppy, I say ijit!)  Anyhow, point is, she helped him and hundreds of other dogs with the same car issues as you, so it can be done!
She even wrote an article to help peeps like yours help their dogs.
First, they determine whether the problem is anxiety/fear or just motion sickness.  Then the peeps have to ask themselves a series of questions to determine whether they are part of the problem.  I love that part!!  “Do I drive like a lunatic?”  Hahah, clearly many people do, but I doubt many admit it!  Anyhow, lots of questions, then some step my step guidance on breaking the problem down in to bite size pieces and achievable goals, until the dogs feel differently about the car.  There are even tips on helping dogs who are too excited in the car! 
Here is the article for your people.  I hope they read it and follow through for you, 'cuz life is better when you get to go along!

Dogs Who Hate The Car And How To Help Them

Blah Blah Blah, if you’re me, but it sure did work for my bro and lots of client dogs.  They went from scardey pukey to “Yeah, road trip!”, and you can too.

Love,   Tango

Topic: Ask Tango

Posted 2 September 2013, 11:16AM

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