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Gastric Volvulus or "Bloat" in dogs is an extremely dangerous, life-threatening condition requiring immediate veterinary care.  

Learn how to recognize the symptoms and help prevent bloat; it could save your dog's life.



The Acupuncture Bloat Point! IT SIMPLY WORKS
C.A. Krowzack, DVM
In February of 1998, the Great Lakes Irish Wolfhound Association (GLIWA) held their annual meeting. The meeting is an occasion for fellowship of the members, the club attends to business and also hosts a speaker on a special topic. In the past it has been obedience, therapy dog training, and this year the topic was acupuncture.

The Canine Stomach Problem that's Life-Threatening and EXTREMELY Urgent
Dr. Karen Becker for Mercola Healthy Pets
I can’t stress enough how important it is that you get your dog to a vet immediately if you suspect GDV.

Gastric Volvulus (Bloat) in Dogs: A Life Threatening Emergency
Bloat is a life-threatening emergency that affects dogs in the prime of life. The mortality rate for gastric volvulus approaches 50 percent. Early recognition and treatment are the keys to survival.

Preventing Bloat Naturally
By: Peter Dobias DVM for Dogs Naturally Magazine
Did you know that dogs that are fed processed foods are about five times as likely to suffer from stomach bloat and torsion than dogs fed raw or cooked food? There are many other factors that can help prevent this serious life threatening emergency naturally.

Dog With Bloat

This video shows a dog in the middle to late middle stages of bloat. This dog, Roscoe, was saved.

What Promotes Canine Bloat?
Whole Dog Journal
Every dog owner should know the symptoms of this fast-killing disorder.


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