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I have been working with dogs and their people, as a trainer and behaviour specialist, for 30 years.  I have come to know well, professionally and personally, the profound bonds, joys, sorrows, practical and emotional highs, lows and challenges that make up life with dogs.  Life without them is inconceivable to me but they still, and always will, for better and for worse, make it a bit of a wild ride at times!  

I created Real Dogs Real People to help all dog lovers, myself included, continue to learn and increase our understanding of these magical creatures and how best to love, live with and care for them.

My hope and my goal is that working together, we can improve the lives of all dogs and the people who love them.




Real Dogs Real People

Foresight, education and information for dog owners + support for rescue organizations = better lives for all dogs.


The Dog Jungle

Foresight for dog lovers.  Almost everyone who gets a dog believes they will be "responsible dog owners".   Very few know what that may really mean and most don't find out until they are up one creek or another.  The Dog Jungle will help you choose your creek and make sure you have a paddle, should things go wrong.

This is the book I wish all of my clients had read, before they got their dogs; more importantly, it is the book they wish they had read!


Real Dogs Real People

Information for dog owners.

The dog biz is an extremely competitive industry, full of sales-driven information, on a subject where passion runs strong, making it difficult for dog lovers to know who to believe and what to do.

The easy way is to listen to the first person that comes along, who knows more than we do, or seems to.

The smart way is to do our homework; understand our options and make our own informed decisions.

Real Dogs Real People makes it easy to do just that.   We present the different prevailing perspectives on all aspects of caring for our dogs, from nutrition and health care to behavior and training. 
Why?  Because all dogs and all people are individuals and no one way of anything, is right for everyone.

Why is knowing our options so important?

It is our responsibility to create healthy, happy lives and harmonious relationships with our dogs.  All of the power lies with us, yet when we don’t bother, or fail, our dogs pay the price.   Some live in angst and frustration, some in varying degrees of fear and confusion.  Others, countless others, get dumped into the rescue/shelter system.

It is true that some dogs will wind up there no matter what we do, but with education, options and understanding, we CAN stem those tides.

Until then, Real Dogs Real People Community Stars Networks will work to support local organizations dedicated to helping rescue dogs, one dog at a time, in their communities.


Community Stars Networks

Community Stars Networks are unprecedented "networks of good", dedicated to helping rescue dogs.

Each Real Dogs Real People Community hosts it's own non-profit network of local dog rescue organizations, dog-friendly businesses and consumers who want to support them.

Free for businesses and free for consumers, Community Stars Networks mean when people shop, local rescue dogs win!

Most dog lovers would love to help the cause but either don't have the money, time or emotional will and fortitude to get in the trenches; fair enough.

Community Stars Networks make it free, fun and easy for all dog lovers to support local rescue dogs simply by doing what they already do.


The combination of Real Dogs Real People, The Dog Jungle and Community Stars Networks is our 1-2-3 punch in the fight for better lives for all dogs!


The Team:

We are an eclectic group of dog lovers, with diverse lifestyles, and an equally diverse group of dogs!  Some of us work in the dog biz, some of us don’t.  Some of us live in the country, some in the city.  Some are really tech. savvy, some aren’t, and we all subscribe to different theories and practices when it comes it raising and caring for our dogs.
What we do have in common is that we all love our dogs and do our very best for them.  

We also share a strong commitment to improving the lives of all dogs through education and dedication to helping rescue dogs.

If you share our passion, commitment and goals and would like to join us in our efforts, please contact us at:




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