Behaviour and Training 

When it comes to dog behavior and dog training, there are countless philosophies and methods at play in the world. 

If this is your first foray in to this subject, you will find it gets quite controversial!  

Whether it is force free dog training, clicker training, dog psychology or leadership-based training, passions and opinions run strong, and it can be difficult to know who to listen to.  We believe people should listen to all  perspectives, then make an informed choice about which methodology best suits them (and their dogs).  Whether we approve or disapprove of any given process, knowledge is power and it cannot hurt to understand what other people are doing/saying before we make our choices.

To be clear, Real Dogs Real People does not endorse any one trainer, philosophy or method over another.  We are presenting this group of high profile dog trainers and dog behaviour specialists in order of info received.

See:  Behaviour and Training Philosophies and Methods


Dog training info, by topic:

Socializing Puppies And Adult Dogs

Separation Anxiety

Dog Stress, Fears And Phobias



Dog-To-Dog Aggression

Dog Body Language And Communication

Rough Play

Excessive Barking

Poop Eating


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