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The first thing to know about Real Dogs Real People Community Stars is that this is a purely non-profit endeavour for us.  No money comes through Real Dogs Real People Community Stars; it is a volunteer-run platform, connecting local dog rescue organizations with rescue-friendly businesses and consumers who want to support them.

What Real Dogs Real People Community Stars can do for your business:

Free Advertising And Promotion
Your business will be included and promoted on your local Community Page, as part of the Community Stars Program.
You will also receive regular shout outs on local Real Dogs Real People social networks, as Community Stars.
Real Dogs Real People offers a direct marketing hit to dog owners in your area; dog owners who could be spending with you, instead of the competition, if they had a reason!  Community Stars gives them that reason.

Excellent PR
Almost 50% of North American homes have dogs living as family members and dog lovers love other dog lovers! Community Stars shows local dog loving consumers you care. 
Doing good, feels good; most people would love to help rescue dogs but either don’t have time or don’t have money to spare.  Consumers need what they need and by donating 5% of their purchase to dog rescue, your business allows people to help and makes them feel good just by shopping there.  Not only is that good PR, it often leads to, what we like to call, “endorphin spending”!

Gain New Customers
100% of the dog owners we have surveyed said they would go out of their way to shop at a business, knowing a % of their $ spent was going to rescue dogs.  “Of course!” and “Who wouldn’t?” were the most common responses.

Product/ Service Promotion
Community Stars offers a great opportunity for businesses to promote particular products or services throughout the year.   Businesses may offer special deals or promotions to Community Stars consumers, which will be actively promoted on our social networks.

Get To Know Your Customers
Customers participating in Community Stars will give businesses their name, address and email address, in order to have 5% of their purchase go to a local rescue group.


What It Takes To Be A Community Star Business

Businesses participating in the Real Dogs Real People Community Stars program agree to:

~give participating dog rescue organizations significant discounts on their products and/or services.

and either:

~donate 5% of sales, from participating dog lovers/ consumers, directly to one of our participating rescue groups.

(donations to be made monthly, with notification sent to Real Dogs Real People Community Stars when one has been made.   The rescue organizations will do the same)


Other Ways To Participate
For businesses preferring not to give on-going discounts, there are other ways to be part of Community Stars.  For instance, a one-time donation of $500.00 or more, per year, directly to one of our participating dog rescue organizations. ~In some cases, donations of time, products or services of equivalent value, may be considered.  

~Other fundraising endeavours will also be considered; your local Real Dogs Real People ambassador will be happy to discuss options with you.

National/International Businesses
The National/ International format of Real Dogs Real People and its Community Pages, allows us to offer Full Site or multiple Community exposure to suitable businesses.   We are happy to discuss the many possibilities with you! 

For Those Businesses That Shine Brightest
Businesses deciding to go above an beyond the call of Community Stars, to help our dog rescue organizations, will be rewarded in kind, with increased exposure and recognition on the website and our social networks.

Please note:
Community Stars works on the honour system, for all involved.
We will not be policing donations.
If, however, it comes to our knowledge that a business is not doing their agreed part in the network, they may be removed, at our discretion.

Sign up your business now!  It only takes a moment.

Find your local Community Stars network here.



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