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This an unprecedented opportunity to help dogs rescue in your community, simply by doing what you already do.

When you sign up with your local Community Stars network, you can literally save rescue dogs’ lives, just by buying the things you already buy, from a Community Star business. 

Imagine... 5% of the $ you spend loving and caring for your dog, automatically going to local dog rescue organizations, including:

~The dog food you buy every month

~Veterinary care and medicines

~Training and/or behavior consultations

~Dog walking and dog sitting

...and much more!  Community Stars stretches far beyond dog products and services.  

Check out your local Community Star Business Listings to see the countless ways your shopping dollars can weigh in to help rescue dogs!

The old expression, “There but for the grace of God, go I.” applies to dogs as well as people.

When you see or hear about a rescue dog, know that with any small twist of fate, your dog may not have found you and could be THAT dog, desperately needing the love and help of strangers.

With Community Stars, you can make a huge difference, without giving a dime or lifting a finger.  Well, one finger, for one minute, while you sign up with us.  Then, carry on, knowing you and the businesses in the network are Community Stars!  All you have to do is mention Community Stars when you shop and “Voila!”, help is on its way to dogs who need it.

If that isn’t enough motivation for every dog lover, there is more!  Not only does it cost you nothing to support rescue dogs, you can save money doing it!
Community Stars members will receive special discounts, promotions and deals from our Community Stars businesses throughout the year. 

It just doesn’t get any better than this! 
Please join us now.  Together we really can make great things happen.

Sign up with Community Stars now!  It only takes a moment.

Note:  Real Dogs Real People Community Stars is a purely non-profit endeavour.  No money comes through Real Dogs Real People Community Stars; it is a volunteer-run platform, connecting local dog rescue organizations with rescue-friendly businesses and consumers who want to support them.



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