Community Stars Rescue Organization Info

This is remarkable opportunity for dog rescue organizations; an entire network designed to help you do what you for dogs!

The first thing to know about Real Dogs Real People Community Stars is that this is a purely non-profit endeavour.  No money comes through Real Dogs Real People Community Stars; it is a volunteer-run platform, connecting local dog rescue organizations with rescue-friendly businesses and consumers who want to support them.


What will Community Stars Do For Your Rescue Organization?

If you become a Community Stars network recipient rescue org, you will receive:

~financial donations from each and every Community Stars business in your area.

~significant discounts on the products and services you need to do what you do for dogs, including dogs in the care of your foster homes.

~on-line exposure on our website, as well as non-stop social networking for the dogs in your care; local, targeted marketing and networking which will bring loving families for your dogs and much-needed dollars to help your rescue efforts.


What is involved for you?

To benefit from this incredible network, you will need to:

~Send us your information, a brief introduction (1 or 2 paragraphs) on what you do, a logo, if you have one, and a link to your website.

~Send us a pic and description of a dog in your care, looking for a forever home, once a week, for us to post on FB.

~Keep us informed if the dog finds a home and send a new pic and description to replace it.

~Send us follow ups, once/month on a happy ending.. pics and a blurb about a dog in his new home.

~Notify us when a donation is received through Community Stars.

~Put a link to Community Stars on your website, promote the network on your social network platforms, and do a thank you shout out when you receive a donation from a Community Stars business.

We know you are all stretched for time, but the small extra effort of Community Stars will get you on-going marketing you can’t buy, dramatically increase your local exposure and bring in money you don’t have now.

Note:  We will not be policing donations or our rescue orgs.  The Community Stars network runs on the honour system.  It only works if everyone is in it for the right reasons.  Should it come to our knowledge that a rescue organization is not functioning responsibly, we reserve the right to remove said org. from the network, at our discretion.

Apply now to be a Community Stars Rescue Rescue Org.




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