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Understanding Why Your Dog Acts Like He Does... Could It Be He's a Pessimist?
Dr. Karen Becker
Is your dog a bowl half full or bowl half empty kind of soul?

25 Celebrities Who Adopted Their Dogs From A Shelter Or Rescue
Just a few of the millions of people who adore they're adopted dogs!

25 Most Popular Dogs And Their Health Issues
Pets WebMd
Photos and health issues of some of the most popular purebred dogs.

Five Things To Do If You Witness Animal Abuse
Whole Dog Journal
What should you do if you see someone being mean to animal? It can be a tricky situation so here are some tips to help you safely do the right thing.


Tango's Perspective:



Why Old Dogs Are The Best Dogs
Gene Weingarten

Hey.. Down Here!
Meg Harris, Real Dogs Real People
The wisdoms of Jacks, once a rescue dog, now The Chosen One!

Dog Forever
Meg Harris, Real Dogs Real People
Perhaps dogs' lives are not as short as they seem to be!

Riddle Me This
Meg Harris
How is it that animals as smart and instinctive as dogs, can have absolutely no sense of self preservation when it comes to what they will eat?

Walk away very slowly... they'll think someone else did it!
Meg Harris
No cats here... just the random thoughts of a very funny dog!

A Little Tuft Of Fur
Grab a hankie. This is a beautifully told story of love and loss, grief and moving forward, knowing our lost dogs are waiting for us.

Slow Death By Dog
A great read about dogs pulling fast ones on us!

It's A Dog's Life! But Is It Really?
Meg Harris
When you look at your dog, think of his idea of a great day!

Hindsight Is 20/20
Meg Harris
Deadly dog incidents and accidents you may be able to prevent.

The Power Of Love
Absolutely amazing before and after shots of rescue dogs!

Were You Planning On Walking 7000 Miles?
Walkies totalling 7000 miles over your dog's lifetime!

New Insight Into Dogs' Fear Responses To Noise
A study has gained new insight into domestic dogs' fear responses to noises. The behavioural response by dogs to noises can be extreme in nature, distressing for owners and a welfare issue for dogs.

The Three Most Aggressive Dog Breeds.. You'll Be Surprised!
Dog Reflections
Surprising results from the Journal of Applied Animal Behavior Science.


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