Dog-To-Dog Aggression



Dog aggression is very common problem, largely caused by lack of early socialization, and continued positive socialization with other dogs.  It can also be triggered by a traumatic event or be the result of festering anxiety, left unadressed by dog owners.  In any case, it is our responsibility to manage dog aggressive dogs safely, while we work to re-condition them to be the social beings they are meant to be.

In these pages, you will find great advice, from different professional perspectives, on how best to help your dog aggressive dog.


Dealing With Dog To Dog Aggression
Sophia Yin, DVM
Converting dog aggressive behavior to dog social behavior.

How To Break Up A Dog Fight
All dog owners should know what to do if a fight breaks out.

Dog/Dog Aggression
Linda Michaels, MA for
Rules of appropriate behavior in dog society are quite different than human manners. You may need to reexamine your expectations and goals for your pup. If your dog exhibits generalized dog/dog aggression, it’s unlikely he’ll turn into a social butterfly.

Aggression Between Dogs In The Same Household
Dr. Stanley Coren
What causes conflict between dogs living in the same home?

When To Intervene In Dog To Dog Interactions
Patricia B. McConnell, PhD, CAAB
When is it time to let the dogs sort it out and when is it best to step in?

Dog Aggression Towards Other Dogs~ Put a Stop to Dominant Behavior & Dog Aggression NOW!

Defusing aggression before it explodes into a dog fight.

Aggressive dogs are most effectively trained without aversive techniques.
Beverly Hebert for Whole Dog Journal
Positive training solutions for dog aggressive dogs.

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