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That's me on the right, Sista Tango on the left


Hey... Down Here!!


That's better!  Hai, I'm Jacks, a-k-a Brother, as in Tango's brother.  She says its Oh Brother.  Either way, don't make no never mind.. I'm here!!  Hahah.. Me, here!   

For those of you who don't know my story, the first year of my life was no fun.  I didn't know any peoples or dogs and I didn't know there was such a thing as outside!  So I was maybe just a teeny tiny bit messed up.  Ok, maybe a teeny tiny bit more than a teeny tiny bit.  Not my fault right??  Mama says not my fault. 

Like so many other rescue dogs, I didn't ask for that stupid home or do anything to deserve it; it just happened that way.   Then some stuff went down and I didn't even have my crappy home anymore.  

No boohoo, it gets good!  Wait for it...

I went to this house, where there was room for me to run about, inside and out, so run I did, for days!  On one of my people drive-by's I heard someone say I was there for a behaviour assessment.. didn't know, didn't care, Jacks was running!  Zoom Zoom.  I felt like the Eveready Bunny, on cocaine, except he couldn't make half as much noise with his drum as I can with me mouth!  

They kept trying to tell me I had to go washroom outside, not inside.. Hahah, don't be ridiculous, right?  Who would want to do that?  Its all a little fuzzy for me, cuz I was zoomin', but I think I may have had a little humping issue too. (issue/obsession, potato/potato).  Didn't know why I humped, didn't care what.. dogs, pillows, air.. no matter, just hump, even while I was yapping, peeing and zooming.. yep multi-tasking!  I didn't even know I was doing it.  Coulda been partly cuz I had a huge set of knockers on me.. hahah they was so big I could barely keep my front feets on the floor.  All the better for humping and it made it super easy to run around on my hind legs.. forward, backwards, sideways, every place.. I could even pee standing up!  Hahaha.. I still run round like that but me giant balls is gone now.. just woke up like that.. go figure.  I do remember, just as I waking ups, someone saying, "There, now Tango will let you live.", or something likes that.  Anyhow, like I said, all kind of a blur.. cuz I in those days, I was tooo buzzed all the time to register much of anything.  Mama says there was no one home in my head back then, so not my fault right?  Mama says not my fault.

At first, Mama and Tango just stared a lot with their mouths open.  They said I was part dog, part gecko and part porn star; someone said no moustache meant I wasn't purebred porn star.  How they know that?

Anyhow, then it happened.  Oh ya, it happened!  For me, Jacks, hahahaha.

After just a few days of exercise and lovin, for just a few minutes, my brain kicked in and I was me!  Hahaha.. I'd never met me before!  

Hey.. did you know you can breathe out as well as in?  Yep, I actually exhaled. 

Best part?  Tango saw it!  Her face went from vexed and perplexed by me, to what Mama calls her butter face, and she got all wiggle-butt and puppy bows.  And that is when my life changed forever.  Yep, Tango, Queen of all dogs, loved me and chose me.  Hahaha, me, Jacks, The Chosen One!  

Oh, but then we had to get it by Mama.  Weird, but I don't think yapping, peeing gecko porn star was her first choice.  Keep wiggling big dog, keep wiggling!  And the more she did, the more I knew, I was in..  C'mon lady,  C'mon, Say it, C'mon..

Instead, she said, "Tango, are you sure about this?"  I dunno how many times.  



Who could resist?

Say it Lady... Say it!


Ok.. he can stay. 



Hahahaha, you hear that??  I got to stay in this new huge world, with a new huge sista and a Mama who loves and trusts her enough to let her choose me!  Score!!!

I still hear a fair bit of Yo, Chosen One, knock it off!  n stuff like that, but I know I'm growing on her, I can feels it, and I know am here to stay, forever and ever, Amen!

Brother Jacks

Brother Jacks~ Wisdom 1
Meg Harris, Real Dogs Real People
The wisdoms of Jacks, once a rescue dog, now The Chosen One!

Brother Jacks~ Wisdom 2
From rescue dog to The Chosen One, at Min Pin speed! Brother Jacks and his festive fun.

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