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Raw Food Primer
Elizabeth Kennedy for The Bark
Raw feeding isn’t just for experts anymore.

Your dog is not a wolf; stop trying to feed it like one.
The Raw Feeding Community
Different dogs have different dietary needs, even on raw diets.

Think You Can Avoid Pet Foods Made In China? Think Again!
By Dogs Naturally Magazine
Hundreds of consumer complaints are aimed at dog food manufactures so far in 2012 and dozens – perhaps hundreds – of dogs are dead. Does this sound like deja vu? Could there be another massive recall like there was five years ago? The answer is, it is likely happening now.

10 Superfoods For You AND Your Dog
These 10 human super foods are as good for your dog as they are for you!

Did You Know There are Two Kinds of Raw Pet Food on the Market?
Dr. Karen Becker
Is Raw Food That Has Been High Pressure Pasteurized Truly Raw?

All About Raw Food
Dr. Larry Siegler
Our animal companions are natural hunters and carnivores; just look at their ancestry. The dog at your feet (or on your sofa) has evolved from the wolf, and it's digestive system is virtually the same despite thousands of years of domestication. They have very short intestinal tracts geared to the consumption and digestion of raw foods. Dogs are considered "omnivores" as they eat a variety of grasses, berries and vegetables in addition to prey. The cat on your lap is a true or "obligate" carnivore (meat only diet) and is specially designed by nature to hunt small rodents and birds. Her digestive tract, as well, is intended to assimilate raw meat best.

Dr. Michael William Fox
Pet Food And Feeding: Personal Ruminations

Switching Your Dog's Diet From Kibble To Raw
By Chelsea Kent for Dog Naturally Magazine
Many kibble fed pets start getting picky about the food they eat and this can make the switch to raw difficult. Processed pet foods contain addictive ingredients to cover up the taste of the poor quality ingredients. Addictive ingredients can include MSG (listed as hydrolyzed protein), table sugar, table salt, sweet tasting propylene glycol (a derivative of antifreeze), and other spices and chemicals.

Buyers "Bust" This Pet Food Company - Should You Too?
By Dr. Becker
According to, a major industry player is losing market share because consumers are “increasingly choosing pet foods that more closely resemble their own foods.” It seems more and more pet owners are actively seeking out smaller pet food companies that sell products with higher quality ingredients.

Update On Raw Pet Foods
Dr. Karen Becker
If your vet suddenly warns you away from raw pet foods, here's why.

Sodium Bisulfate: It Might Burn Your Pet's Mouth, Throat, and Stomach - But They're Adding It to Food Anyway
Dr. Karen Becker
One of the primary concerns, especially with the rash of recalls over the last few years, is that humans are being exposed to salmonella bacteria from processed pet food – in particular, dry food.

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