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Sheep dog patrols may curb seaside bacterial infections
Working Border Collies are proving effective in reducing E.Coli risks on beaches by reducing Seagull action.

Dogs And Humans Share The Same MRSA Infections
Can you catch a bacterial infection from your dog or vice versa? In the case of some Methicillin-Resistant Staph infections, the answer is yes!

P. Diddy, Hip Hops Wealthiest Man, Shares His Grief Over The Loss Of His Dog
The day he said goodbye to his faithful old dog was the saddest day of his life.

Wow.. New Insights Into The Mental Powers Of Dogs
NY Times
Dogs reach new heights, intellectually!

Pet projects: How US retailers are going to the dogs
By Jill Martin for BBC News
Entrepreneur Matt Meeker saw a gap in a lucrative market - the dog lover wanted to spoil his Great Dane, Hugo, but he couldn't find the right retailer to help him. "I wanted to make this dog really happy all the time, and didn't have an outlet to do that," he says. "So we created one."

Crash Tests For Dog Harnesses Show 100% Failure Rate
In a revolutionary new study, crash tests showed that not a single kind of dog harness provided sufficient protection in the event of an accident, and had a 100 percent failure rate.

Top Ten Pet Poisons
Real Dogs Real People
According to the ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center, more than 180,000 pets were exposed to potentially toxic substances in 2012. And for the fifth year running, topping the list are prescription human medications.

Think Your Dog Has OCD? You may be right! Dogs, Humans Affected by OCD Have Similar Brain Abnormalities
Research suggests that study of anxiety disorders in dogs may help find new therapies for OCD and similar conditions in humans.

Dangerous Dog Measures May Cause 'More Problems Than They Solve'
By BBC NEWS England
Planned new measures to clamp down on dangerous dogs could "cause more problems than they solve", vets and animal charities have told ministers.

Which Countries Have The Most Pets And How Much Do They Spend Feeding Them?

Americans love their pets, but we own a quarter fewer dogs and cats than do Romanians and spend almost half as much feeding them as Singaporeans. 

Great article in Bloomberg Businessweek:  Animal Planet 


Keeping Pets Safe: Poison Prevention Week
Pet Poison Helpline
For more than 50 years and since its inception by Congress in 1961, the third week in March has been designated as National Poison Prevention Week. This year it falls on March 17-23, and the veterinarians and toxicology experts at Pet Poison Helpline are urging everyone to remember the four-legged members of the family, as they are among the most vulnerable.

China's New Dissidents: Dog Owners
Damien Ma, The Atlantic
Why the popularity of large canines is challenging the country's cultural norms


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