Meg Harris


Modern life is so busy; most people dream of a few days to do nothing but sleep and laze around and be fed.  This can lead to the mistaken belief that our dogs are lucky, or happy to live that way all the time.

The expression, "Its a dog's life", was born in sipler times, when dogs had the feedom to exercise and to indulge their instincts, and often had jobs to satisfy their drives.  Some dogs still do but most are asked to live in fairly unnatural circumstances, my own included.  It is up to us now, to ensure that our dogs get the exercise and the mental stimulation they need.  Dogs need outlets for their drives and energy to feel the kind of contentment that would inspire us to say, "Its a dog's life"!  Without it boredom, frustration and inactivity make it anything but.  When you look at your dog, think of his idea of a great day and what would make him feel fulfilled and content.  It could be many things, depending on his type and age, but I guarantee you, it won't be lying around, doing nothing all day.

To make sure your dog lives "a dog's life", follow this daily check list.

Quality time with you every day, including:

~play time



~mental challenges and stimulation

~quiet time and affection

Some inspiring ideas: 

Indoor Games

Dog Sports


If we all rise to being the dog owners we want to be, the people our dogs need, we can once again start saying, "It's a dog's life"!



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