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Which Collars And Harnesses Are Safe For Your Dog
Dr. Sophia Yin
With so many different types of collars of harnesses on the market, it can be hard to know which ones are safe, which ones aren't and why.

How To Keep Your Mixed Age Dog Pack Safe And Happy
Whole Dog Journal
Adding a new dog to your family can create challenges you may not anticipate, particularly when the dogs are at different life stages and energy levels. Here are some things you should consider and tips to keep peace and harmony in your multi-dog home.

The Leadership Debate
Meg Harris for Real Dogs Real People
To some people, the word leadership has become a four-letter word, suggesting dominance-based training or being bossy and tough with dogs, not so.

Loose Leash Walking
Victoria Stillwell
The positive way to teach loose leash walking.

Did You Know Your Very Presence Affects Your Dog's Brain And Behavior?
Real Dogs Real People
Research has shown that dogs are more curious, playful and adventurous in the presence of the people they love the most?

Dog Training: Common Sense Tips
Jim Burwell, Petiquette
Come on. Get off the couch, turn off the TV, turn on your common sense and let’s train!

Tips For Introducing Dog To Cat
When introducing dog and cat, first impressions are important. The key is to go as slowly as it takes to keep fear and aggression at a minimum. It's likely that you'll see some of both, but if you're careful, you can check it before it snowballs.

Stop Your Dog From Digging
By Karen A. Soukiasian for Dog's Best Life
t’It's a fact: nearly all dogs just love to dig. It’s perfectly natural. They have been digging for thousands of years, for a number of reasons, mainly survival.

Dog Rules for Multi Dog Homes
Jim Burwell,
Lots of multiple dog owners struggle with pack issues and they search for answers to better understand how to lead their “pack” in the most peaceful manner. They simply want “peace and harmony.”

Dogs Learn by Modeling the Behavior of Other Dogs
Stanley Coren, Ph.D., F.R.S.C. in Canine Corner
Where human prompting may fail to teach a puppy, another dog can help.

Dogs Do Know The Difference Between Right And Wrong
Terry Jester, Dog's Best Life
Dogs absolutely know the difference between right and wrong. But only in the context of their own culture.

Seeing Only The Best In Our Dogs
Meg Harris
We all see the best in our dogs. Of course we do, we love them! To bring out the best in our dogs though, we need to recognize their weaknesses as well.

Fire Hydrants and Dogs! The Facts about Territorial Marking
Wendy Diamond for Animal Fair
The scene is a familiar one: a dog approaches a hydrant, sniffs it, lifts his leg and … well you get the idea. While not exclusive to dogs, territorial marking is certainly one of the behaviors most commonly associated with them.

It's Called 'Dog Whisperer,' Not 'Dog Wrangler'
Michaela Haas for Huffington Post News Canada
This summer, we conducted an unofficial (and involuntary) experiment: Take one unsocialized Rottweiler and see what five different dog trainers will do with it!

Science Confirming What Dog Trainers Have Known For Years: Dogs Read Our Intent
Dogs pick up not only on the words we say but also on our intent to communicate with them, according to a report published online in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on January 5.

50 Of The Worst Dog Behaviours
Meg Harris, Real Dogs Real People
And, who is largely responsible for them, the dog or the owners.

The Secret Life of Pets: What Goes On Inside Their Heads?
You love them, you feed them, you welcome them into your homes and even your beds. But no matter how much you share with your dog, he can’t tell you why he just spent 20 minutes settling on a place to pee.

Big Dogs, Small Dogs- Does Size Affect Behaviour?
Karen B. London, PhD for The Bark

Training And Living With Deaf Dogs

Deaf dogs can learn and function as well as hearing dogs, we just need to teach them.

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