When Your Pet's Eyes Turn Cloudy, Should You Be Concerned?
Dr. Karen Becker for Mercola Healthy Pets
Nuclear sclerosis, which is also called lenticular sclerosis, is a condition that causes the pupils of the eyes to take on a cloudy bluish-gray appearance. Many owners of older pets assume the problem is cataracts. And while cataracts are a relatively common symptom in aging dogs and cats, nuclear sclerosis is even more prevalent. The condition is also seen in humans and horses.

Keeping Your Old Dog Younger For Longer
By Muttamorphosis
As the owner of a 15 year old deaf & partially sighted dog, it’s become clear that challenging my old lady mentally & physically may be resulting in a more alert, active & interactive oldie than would otherwise be the case.

Can Old Dogs Get Alzheimer’s Disease?
Dr. Stanley Coren, Canine Corner, Psychology Today
Aging dogs can show mental symptoms similar to Alzheimer’s disease

In Praise of Senior Animals
Linda Berris - Encyclopaedia Britannica, Advocacy For Animals
We watch them age, and love them all the more as the first white hairs appear. With tender solicitude, we help them navigate stairs, and lift them on and off the armchair they claimed as “theirs” so many years past.

Old Dogs, New Ways To Baby Them
Monica Collins - The Boston Globe
Our dogs are living longer thanks to veterinary advances, healthier food, and owners committed to their well-being.

What You Need To Know About Adopting A Senior Pet
BY Dr. Patty Khuly
If there’s one decision that speaks volumes about a person’s dedication to pets, it’s the willingness (nay, the desire) to take on the neediest of all potential adoptees — the aged.

Three Things Every Owner of an Older Dog Should Be Doing
Dr. Karen Becker
The canine lifespan seems too short, doesn't it?

Five Reasons Why Old Dogs Rock
You know it’s true: Senior dogs are the best. As much as we can’t resist puppies, there is something about an old pooch that really makes our hearts sing.

10 Life Improving Products for Senior Dogs
From the best no-slip solutions to therapeutic dog bed styles, here are some smart product ideas for your senior dog.

Caring For Your Senior Dog
Written by Avery Thrasher
Spending time with man and woman’s best friend is something to always cherish and watching your canine companion grow from a puppy to an adult and then to a senior is part of it's natural life cycle.

Hospice For Pets Comforts Owners, Too
Carolyn Said San Francisco Chronicle
Shea Cox has spent her 11-year career as a veterinarian fighting to save animals' lives.

How To Treat Your Dogs Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (Memory Loss)
Senior dogs can suffer memory loss that is similar to Alzheimers Disease in humans.

Senior Dogs: Young At Heart
Doggington Post
Benefits of Opening your Heart to an Older Dog

Toys You Should Avoid With Senior Dogs

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