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If it is about dogs, you will find it here.  We have approximately 1000 pages of information and are adding to it daily!  Our tabs will guide you to everything you are looking for; this is the Coles Notes version of the tabs.


Biscuits For Readers:

In The NewsCool Stuff, Videos, Captioned Photo GalleryArchives

Biscuits For Readers, or "the coffee break" tab, as we like to call it!
This is a bag of assorted scooby snacks, filled with interesting, enlightening, and/or fun articles, videos and information.
You never know what you'll find in here; it will change daily and you won't want to miss it, so be sure to pop in to both the In The News and Cool Stuff tabs for a bickie whenever you can.

Community Pages:

Communities, Start A Community Page In Your Area

Real Dogs Real People Community Pages bring the www of dogs right to your backyard.  Local news, events, business listings, bylaws, characters both four-legged and two.. If it is about dogs or the people who love them, in your area, you'll find it on your local community page!

Ask Tango:

Ask Tango is the always funny, always helpful weekly dog advice column, written by a very cheeky Doberman.

The Dog Jungle:

Life with dogs is not as simple as it used to be.  In fact, most dog owners today will find themselves facing countless decisions and dilemmas when it comes to their furry family members.  Join us each week, as the dog jungle unfolds to reveal new thoughts, questions and considerations to help you navigate modern life with dogs.

The Dog Jungle is a must read for anyone thinking of getting a new puppy or dog and for those of us already blessed with one!

Issues And Opinions

Breed Specific Legislation~BSL, Rescue vs. Breeders

The world of dogs is a hot bed of controversial subjects!  We will try to present them in as unbiased a way as we can.  It is a tall order on subjects people feel so passionately about, but we will do our best!

Health And Wellness

We have a great selection of enlightening information on Vet Care and Nutrition, from both sides of the holistic/traditional fence.  We also have info by illness/injury category.

Please use the Health and Wellness tabs to take you directly to the subject you are looking for.

Behaviour And Training

When it comes to dog behavior and training, there are countless philosophies and methods at play in the world.  We will showcase the most popular of them and present articles and information from many different schools of thought on the subjects of dog behaviour and training.

Please use the Behaviour and Training tab to navigate this section of the site.

Dog Breeds

Info on the most popular dog breeds.

More Than Pets

Here you can learn all about Dog Sports, Working Dogs and Service Dogs.

Paying It Forward

Get to know the people and organizations around the world, who dedicate their time and energy to improving the lives of dogs!

Doggone Mental Health

It is both scientific fact and a mysterious wonder that dogs help us to keep our sanity, find it when we’ve lost it and if all else fails, live better without it!

The Doggone Mental Health section is here to explore the science and behold the mystery of how dogs improve our mental and emotional well-being.

Other Barkers

We appreciate other dog info sites doing a great job, have spent countless hours sourcing the best and share them with you here, to save you hours of searching!

If you don't see it on our site, it is probably presented for you here, in Other Barkers.



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