Socializing Puppies and Adult Dogs

Socializing puppies and adult dogs well is absolutely vital to raising a friendly, safe and happy dog, and not as easy as people think it is.

The following articles will help guide you through the twists and turns of successful socializing.

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Dog Socialization Guide
K-9 Instinct
Never underestimate the importance of properly socializing puppies and adult dogs.

Properly Socializing Your Puppy
Whole Dog Journal
Great thoughts and considerations of when, where and how to socialize your puppy.

How To Socialize An Adult Dog
Josh Weiss-Roessler
In an ideal world all dogs would be well socialized as young puppies and continue to be as adults. In the real world, many dogs miss early socializing but that doesn't mean they cannot become social beings. It means they need to be re-introduced to the world in safe and constructive ways.

Dog Socialization Tips
Dog Training Nation
Your dog is always learning. What it is learning is up to you. Here are some tips to make sure it is learning to enjoy socializing with other dogs.

Healthy Interactions Between Puppies And Adult Dogs
Sarah Wilson, My Smart Puppy
Constructive interaction between puppies and adult dogs are vital to raising a social pup.

When NOT To Socialize A Dog
By Laura VanArendo for Karen Pryor Clicker Training
There is a time and place for everything, including socializing dogs.

Dog Park Etiquette
Dr. Sophia Lin for Victoria Stilwell Positively
This is a great article on dog park manners and etiquette, for dogs and dog owners.


Dr. Ian Dunbar

Dr. Ian Dunbar on preventing dog aggression through proper socialization.

Are Domestic Dogs Losing Their Ability To Get Along With One Another?
Laura Brody
An interesting article about the loss of social skills in our pet dogs.

Muzzles-- Not Just For Aggression Anymore!!
Nan Arthur for Karen Pryor Clicker Training
When socializing adult dogs, muzzles can help make things easier and stress free for dogs and owners.

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