Spaying And Neutering Dogs.. If When And How


Spaying and neutering our pet dogs is the responsible thing to do in terms of controlling the population and maintaining social behaviour in our dogs.. still true.  Science, however, is telling us that our traditional methods of sterilizing  dogs may have significant long term health effects.

 This dilemma is causing great controversy and dissent within the veterinary community and confusion for dog owners.

Here are some articles on the subject to help you understand the pros and cons and decide if, when and how you should proceed.


Risks and Benefits to Spaying and Neutering Your Dog ~The growing debate over when – or even if – it is always best to spay or neuter.
Whole Dog Journal
An interesting article on what is becoming a very controversial subject.

Keeping Intact Dogs: Can You Really Do all This?
The Whole Dog Journal
Weighing the option of keeping pet dogs intact... while science is suggesting there may well be some health benefits, it does present behaviour and lifestyle challenges may owners may not be prepared for.

Spay/Neuter: New Techniques To Sterilize Without Altering Needed Hormones
Dr.Karen Becker
The North American methods of spaying and neutering dogs are illegal in some parts of the world due to the health risks involved in stopping the production of hormones needed for healthy development.

Alternative To SurgeryTo Sterilize Male Dogs
Mercola Healthy Pets
An injectable sterilization product for male dogs containing zinc gluconate neutralized with arginine is scheduled for release in the U.S. by the end of this year under the brand name Zeuterin ("zinc neutering"). The product is already in use in Bolivia, Columbia, Mexico and Panama under another name.

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