The Dog Jungle

Meg Harris, Real Dogs Real People

The Dog Jungle:  Foresight for dog lovers.

"This is the book I wish all of my clients had read, before they got their dogs; more importantly, it is the book THEY wish they had read!'     ~Meg Harris

Amazing, isn’t it?  That one little word could very literally change the lives of millions of dogs and people.  The word is foresight and it is, without question, the most important stage of life with dogs.  It is also the stage most people skip, believing dog problems only happen to other people, or thinking, "How hard can it be?".

No one gets a dog anticipating not wanting it one day or not being able to cope.  

How can it be then, that perfectly nice dogs are being surrendered and abandoned, through no fault of their own, in insurmountable numbers, with no end in sight?  

The fact is, despite the sea of information available to them, dog owners today still find themselves blindsided and overwhelmed by the realities of life with dogs.  

The solution:  Replacing hindsight with foresight.  

The Dog Jungle provides dog owners, potential, new and seasoned, with the foresight and information they need to ensure they are part of the solution, ambassadors for dogs and dog lovers everywhere.  

It will challenge you with tough questions, some you won't like your answers to.  It will make you think about new things, re-think things you thought you knew and lend perspective to areas of uncertainty.  

Without a doubt, The Dog Jungle will leave you better prepared for the realities of life with dogs today.  In fact, if everyone read The Dog Jungle and took it to heart, we could see the the number of dogs in the shelter/rescue system diminish at a truly heart warming rate. 


A Note From The Author

Chapter 1: The Dog Jungle~ Fact Or Fiction?
At first thought, the Dog Jungle may seem a mythical place but it is a very real modern phenomenon.

Chapter 2: Questions And Considerations For Those Thinking Of Entering The Dog Jungle
The journey through The Dog Jungle is not one we take alone; we literally take a life and a soul in our hands when we decide to make a dog our own. Be sure you understand the magnitude, and the fine print, of that responsibility, and how this journey will affect your life and a dog's, before you jump on the "I want a dog!" bandwagon.

Chapter 3: You have decided you are going to get a dog. How do you choose the right dog for you?
We cannot control everything that happens with any dog, but the Dog Jungle helps those who help themselves, so we need to do everything we can to stack the deck in our favour.
In this case, think, be realistic, and choose your dog well.

Chapter 4: Incoming Dog! Decisions best made before your new dog arrives.
Your journey through The Dog Jungle will begin with the very first steps you and your new dog take together, and you will have to hit the ground running.

Chapter 5: Too Late, Dog Is Here!
Hang on to your hat and grab your poop bags because, ready or not, you are in the Dog Jungle now!
From this point forward, you are dealing with the realities of having a dog. This, my fellow traveller, is where the real fun and the real challenges of the Dog Jungle begin.
If, by some circumstance, you have found yourself here, without preparation, you will want to double back and get as close as you can to the paths you would have chosen, thus far.

Chapter 6: The Dreaded Unpredictable Foils Of The Dog Jungle
You did your homework, made thoughtful decisions, tried to do everything right, but still it has gone terribly wrong; it happens, even to the best and most seasoned dog owners.

Chapter 7: Sunny Days In The Dog Jungle
This is The Dog Jungle you were hoping for, the one you had imagined, before you were so rudely interrupted by all of the unanticipated thought and hard work!

Chapter 8: Sunset In The Dog Jungle
"Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog."
The Dog Jungle will test your worthiness of that love, demanding your unwavering devotion and compassion, through your dog's golden years.

Chapter 9: Saying Goodbye
Dog lifespans are painfully short; those 10-15 years go by in an instant, bringing our epic journey through the Dog Jungle to an end.

Chapter 10: Re-entering The Dog Jungle
Whatever your personal experience may be, know this: Though your journey through the Dog Jungle has ended, you are still welcome. All who have loved a dog well, fulfilled their promises and seen their journey through to its’ faithful end, are card-carrying members for life.

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