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To some people, the word leadership has become a four-letter word, suggesting dominance-based training or being bossy and tough with dogs, not so. 
Leadership is about providing structure and consistency, not being mean and tough.                                                                                      

Mean, is confusing your dog with mixed messages; that leads to insecurity and that is no way for a dog to live.  Clarity and consistency create understanding and stability, which together create relaxed and confident dogs.

Leadership is a state of mind and a way of being with your dog.
You can be a great leader for your dog and still give him all of the love, attention, play and praise you do now. 

In fact he will probably get much more of all, from you and others in his life, because he’ll be such a nice dog to be around.

So, do your dog a favour and step up as his leader in a positive, constructive way.  Give him the clarity, confidence and security he needs to be happy, welcome and appreciated everywhere he goes.


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