All videos will boot up in 7,6, 5, 4, 3, 2.. Watch and enjoy!!



Friends Furever

Be together, not the same!

Jacks Really Wants To Ride His Bicycle!

A dog wants what a dog wants.

U of G Pet Trust Dogs Singing For The Cause!

This awesome video is catching International attention!

Loca the Pug singing, '' friends say I'm lots of fun..but I cannot fecking run!

This is our little pug Loca. We love her to bits but she does make us laugh :-)

Dogs Hate The Internet

Hahaha! It seems the internet has some up and some down sides for dogs!

Doggone Safe: Dog Body Language

This is a must watch for anyone interacting with dogs!

Fabulous Video Of Dogs Rescuing Humans

Thank you Ellen DeGeneres and Halo Pet Foods for this one!

Absolutely amazing! Cat saves child from dog attack!

This is a must see!

Happy Dogs!

Guaranteed to be the happiest thing you'll see today!

Not Allowed On The Bed You Say?

We'll see what the dog thinks about that.

Your Morning Smile

You can't not smile watching this vid!

An Abused street dogs second chance - Ralph's rescue....

This Dog REALLY wants a kitten!

Blind Dog Living in a Trash Pile Gets the Most Beautiful Rescue

All endings should be this happy!!

God Made A Dog

Best Friends. Tara the Elephant and Bella the Dog

A beautiful story of love and friendship

A Tribute To Doberman SAR Dogs

Wow! Officially Tango's new favourite video! Beautifully done.

Bret Michaels: Every Pet Needs a Home

Love-Tails of Morocco (1931)

Brilliant Old Fashioned Dog Movie vid..

So well done!! Best dog actors ever!


Loca sings again and cracks us up again!!!!

Loca The Pug Goes To The Vet

The Amazing Skidboot (Texas Country Reporter)

The Amazing Skidboot is the smartest dog you'll ever see.

The Most Incredible Herding Video We Have Ever Seen!!!

Seriously.. This is an absolute MUST SEE! It is a little long, but take the time. This is the "for real" version of what a Border Collie was bred to do!

Kiefer Sutherland Sings To His Dog

Shaka the Pitbull Police Dog

Shaka is a rescued pitbull employed as a drug detecting dog by the Milwaukie, Oregon police department. She was rescued by Out of The Pits in upstate NY.

John O'Hurley recites The Perfect Dog

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